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Gebruik knijpzoomen om eenvoudig in en uit te zoomen

Visiting arrangement

Laatste wijziging: 20 april 2022

According to government guidelines, patients may receive limited visits. The visiting arrangement has been set up in such a way that the safety of patients, staff and visitors is guaranteed. In concrete terms, this means that visitors follow a number of guidelines.

These guidelines apply even if you have been vaccinated. In addition, continue to wear your mask, follow the distance and hygiene measures in place and ventilate rooms properly.


​​​​​General guidelines

  • Visits are possible every day (also on the day of admission).
  • The duration of a visit can take up to 1 hour.
  • Visiting hours campus Salvator and Virga Jesse: 2pm until 7pm; campus Sint-Ursula: 11am until 7pm.
  • 1 visitor is allowed per visit. 
  • 1 child (<18) is allowed to accompany the adult visitor.
  • When multiple patients reside in one room, simultaneous visits for several patients are not possible.
  • Be sure to also check the exceptions.
  • The visitor must book an appointment via the website and always must have their information (i.e. QR code or text message) at hand when registering in the entrance hall.
  • You book your visit online via our appAs a visitor, you no longer have to fill in a full declaration of honour before coming to the hospital. You simply tick a box during the booking process which indicates that:
    • you have not displayed any COVID-related symptoms the past 14 days.
    • you have not had a high-risk contact.
    • you have not tested positive either.
 (!) If you do not tick this box, you cannot successfully complete your visit registration. This is also repeated on the confirmation e-mail or text message. In order to protect your data at all times, these declarations are anonymised after two weeks.
  • In the event that you have symptoms or a high-risk contact in the period between your registration and your visit, you will NOT visit the hospital in the interests of everyone's safety.
  • If you bring a companion with you on your visit or if the department allows more than one person to visit at a time, then you must register a visit for both persons via the app. You will then have two visitor's codes and must also fill in two declarations.
  • For security reasons, patients nor visitors can enter the hospital without a mask, even if they have a written permission from their general practitioner.
  • Would you like to speak to your loved one, but are you unable to be physically present that day? Then video chatting is also a possibility.
  • You can bring and pick up clothes and laundry at campuses Virga Jesse and Salvator every day between 2 and 6 PM. For campus St. Ursula, this is possible on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays between 1 and 5 PM.


When is a visit not possible?

  • Safety always comes first. Therefore, you can only come to visit if you have not displayed any symptoms (fever ≥ 37.5°C, difficult breathing, coughing, loss of smell and/or taste) and did not test positive for COVID-19 in the last 14 days. This also implies you should not have been in contact with an individual who tested positive for COVID-19 during this period.


How does a visit at the hospital work?

Before your visit

  • Upon admission, the patient receives a 2-letter and 5-digit registration code from the nurse and can pass this code on to those who can visit. With this code you as a visitor can schedule an appointment yourself. You can find out how to do this in our brochure, which can be consulted via 
  • If the patient is not able to pass on the registration code, you can request the code from the nurses of the department where the patient is admitted. For certain departments in our hospital, a different visit arrangement applies.
  • The day of admission (also for day contacts) the patient can be accompanied to their room.


The day of your visit

  • Please report to the steward at the main entrance of the hospital no more than 10 minutes before your visit.
  • Submit the completed and signed declaration of honour and show your QR code or text message (SMS). The steward will scan this QR code or enter the code you received via SMS. If you do not adhere to time slot assigned to you, the code will light up red and the steward will ask you to return at the correct time.
  • From the entrance hall, you go directly to the information desk. On the document with the QR code you will find the quickest way to your department.
  • Try to bring as few personal belongings (e.g. coats, scarves, handbags, etc.) inside the hospital as possible. Always disinfect your hands when entering and leaving the hospital.
  • Wearing a reusable or surgical mask remains compulsory for anyone over the age of 10. Put it on as soon as you enter hospital grounds.
  • On the ward you must sign in and take the necessary precautions in terms of protective gear. Disinfect your hands again as you enter and leave the ward.
  • Visits always take place in the patient's room and not in other areas of the ward or hospital. Do not leave the room during this visit.
  • Open the window.
  • Consider the vulnerability of the patient and respect the distance rule of 1.5 meters. Always keep your mask on correctly and refrain from touching and hugging the patient. 
  • Please leave immediately after your visit.


Visiting a palliative patient

  • The doctor determines when it is possible to deviate from the general visiting arrangement in order to assist a patient during his last days.
  • The visit is limited to six people from the immediate surroundings, two of which are allowed at the same time for 30 minutes. They should always stay in the patient's room and should not enter common areas.


Who can you contact in case of questions?

Please contact the nursing ward where the patient has been admitted.