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Plan your visit

Laatste wijziging: 20 april 2022

According to government guidelines, hospital patients can receive a limited number of visits. The visitation policy has been set up in such a way that the safety of patients, staff and visitors is guaranteed. In concrete terms, visitors need to follow a number of guidelines and exceptions. Be sure to read these before you plan your appointment.

From now on, you can schedule your own visit. This way you no longer have to make yourself available at a fixed time. The different steps are explained in this document:
Book (or cancel) your visit

Click the button below to continue to the visit module and book your slot.

(!) You can only schedule your visit during available time slots. These time slots have been determined for the safety of the patient, our staff and yourself. This way Jessa can organise the visit as safely as possible. We cannot allow any exceptions regarding these time slots. 

These time slots should also improve the accessibility of our parking lot. It is therefore important that you only come to the hospital within the time slot that you have chosen for your visit. Only with a valid appointment - within the chosen time slot - you can enter. Again, the hospital cannot allow any exceptions.

Thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.

Trouble booking a time slot? Call 0032 11 33 86 03.