Protection policy

In order to guarantee your safety and the safety of loved ones, doctors and other staff, we are committed to a comprehensive protection policy. This involves the following:


  • You will be asked to disinfect your hands immediately upon arrival at the entrance hall. If you are wearing gloves, remove these first. To find out more about our four-step hospital arrival plan, go here.
  • Should you not already wear a surgical face mask, you will receive one upon entrance. Put this on. This video explains exactly how to do this. 
  • Everyone must adhere closely to the hand hygiene guidelines and maintain an adequate distance throughout their hospital visit or stay. 
  • We have a strict policy in place to keep the number of people in waiting rooms as low as possible. The office or doctor schedules the consultations so that waiting times are avoided or reduced to an absolute minimum. This means that there will be no more than one patient in the waiting room for each doctor. We kindly request you only come to the hospital 10 minutes before your appointment.
  • We ensure separate non-coronavirus and (suspected) coronavirus patient flows by scheduling all coronavirus consultations for the end of the day.