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Visiting St-Ursula

Laatste wijziging: 28 July 2022


For visitors in the room

  • Visits are possible every day.
  • 4 visitors per day are allowed, 2 of which simultaneously.
  • The visitor must book an appointment via the website and has to bring this information (QR code) with him when he arrives.
  • Visits can last up to 2 hours and can take place between 11am and 7pm.
  • Eating or drinking in the room is not allowed during the visit.
  • In a double room, patients can receive visitors at the same time.

For visitors in the cafeteria or outside (on campus)

  • 1 extra visitor is allowed in the cafeteria provided that:
    • the visitor can present a QR code.
    • people aged 12 and over wear a face mask during the entire visit.
  • Visits outside, on campus grounds, remain possible.
  • Please respect the opening hours of the cafeteria: between 11:30 and 19:30. It is not yet possible to have a drink or a meal.


  • Plan your visit after the therapy schedule is communicated. Therapy has priority over visits.
  • Would you like to speak to your loved one, but are you unable to be physically present on the day of the visit? Then video calling is also an option.
  • Laundry can be exchanged during the visit.

ATTENTION: All guidelines apply even if you have been vaccinated.