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Hybrid symposium on exercise echocardiography

We increasingly use exercise echocardiography when the evaluation of patients with unexplained dyspnea, valvular or grown-up congenital heart disease or athletes is inconclusive at rest. Adding cardiopulmonary exercise testing may reveal alternative mechanisms of dyspnea, quantify exercise capacity and determine the prognosis.





Welcome - Coffee


They are taking control now: exercise testing for unexplained exercise intolerance

Dr. Jan Verwerft


Exercise echocardiography for valve disease: I’ve been doing just fine

Dr. Philippe Bertrand

09:40  Livecase: How did it end up like this?

Operators: dr. Jan Verwerft & dr. Guido Claessen

Moderators: dr. Lieven Herbots & dr. Alexander Van De Bruaene

10:00  Coffee Break

Exercise echocardiography for HFpEF: open up my eager eyes

Dr. Lieven Herbots


Exercise echocardiography and MRI for the athlete’s heart: it’s only the price I pay

Dr. Guido Claessen


Livecase: How did it end up like this?

Operators: dr. Jan Verwerft & dr. Philippe Bertrand

Moderators: dr. Lieven Herbots & dr. Alexander Van De Bruaene


Exercise testing for congenital heart disease: destiny is calling me

Dr. Alexander Van De Bruaene


Roundup & lunch


  Exercise echocardiography symposium