What is a biobank?

_BBM7952 Scientific research with an impact on health care needs well documented and qualitative biospecimens, which are stored in a biobank. The availability of these specimens in a central storage facility (biobank) may drastically reduce the time needed for research and strengthen its conclusions. Studies based on biobank material may thus contribute more rapidly to health care and lead to more valuable developments herein.

A clinical biobank stores biospecimens of patients with a well defined illness, together with data on the disease status of the patient. This material can subsequently be made available for future research which will enable better diagnostic and/or prognostic analysis, may lead to an insight in the disease mechanisms and support the development of more efficient therapies.


More information about the different types of biobanks and biobank activity in all its facets can be found in our article (in Dutch), entitled "Biobanks: Building Blocks for Translational Research" which was published in the scientific journal of the hospital.