Clinical Biobank Virga Jesse Hospital

cryovaten JB0_3845 The Clinical Biobank of the Jessa Hospital campus Virga Jesse was founded in the Network of Excellence project "Cancer Control using Population-based Registries and Biobanks (CCPRB)", part of the framework 6 programme (05/2004-05/2009) of the European Union. The major partners of this projects are the Scandinavian population-biobanks who have built a long-time expertise in cancer-related sample collections. One of the key aims of the project is to define and implement a generally applicable European quality standard for biobanking and cancer-registration.

A feasibility study looking into the establishment of a biobank was performed in collaboration with the Limburg Cancer Registry (LIKAR). Because of the positive responses of the pathologists and clinical biologists/hematologists in Limburg and in light of the European network, the Haematological Biobank was founded in August 2005 as part of the biobankstructure of the clinical laboratory of the former Virga Jesse Hospital. This biobank is integrated in the Medical Laboratory Diagnostics Department, which encompass the clinical laboratory unit and the pathology unit.


The biobank is built according to the guidelines developed in the CCPRB project (Good Biobanking Practise) and also follows the procedures for high-quality biobanking composed by leading institutes such as  ISBER, NCI and WHO/IARC, resulting in compliance with international standards. The recent legal regulations are also taken into account.