Information non-Dutch natives

The corona virus is the main topic across every news source and social media. However, it’s not easy to access up to date and credible information, let alone when you’re flooded with posts and articles in a language you don’t (fully) master. This is where we come in. Jessa Ziekenhuis made a selection of useful links issued by the Belgian government in various languages other than Dutch. Because the best way to fight off the virus, is when we are all informed. 



  • Latest news (entire website available in NL, FR, DE and EN)









  • Hygienic measures:

PDF icoonAR_patient_Hygiëne_COVID-19

PDF icoonBUL_patient_Hygiëne_COVID-19

PDF icoonDE_patiënt_Hygiëne_COVID-19

PDF icoonEN_patiënt_Hygiëne_COVID-19

PDF icoonES_patient_Hygiëne_COVID-19

PDF icoonFAR_patient_Hygiëne_COVID-19

PDF icoonFR_patiënt_Hygiëne_COVID-19

PDF icoonPOL_patient_Hygiëne_COVID-19

PDF icoonROM_patient_Hygiëne_COVID-19

PDF icoonRU_patient_Hygiëne_COVID-19

PDF icoonTUR_patient_Hygiëne_COVID-19