An examination or consultation at the hospital

The fight against the coronavirus pandemic has resulted in new measures for all of us. A hospital visit for an examination, consultation or procedure is also different now. Together we make sure that all visits are safe for both COVID-negative and COVID-positive patients. We do this by ensuring completely separate patient flows.

To ensure a smooth consultation or examination, we would like to offer you some useful information: 


  • Do not come to the hospital too early (no more than 10 minutes before your appointment). This way, you will not have to spend too much time in the waiting room with several other patients. The waiting room chairs have been set up at a safe 1.5-metre distance from each other. Take a seat and always keep sufficient distance. This will keep the process safe for you and others. 
  • You can be accompanied by one person, preferably a family member or someone from your home environment. If we notice that the safe 1.5-metre distance cannot be sufficiently respected, we will ask the person accompanying you to wait outside the hospital. Your companion is required to wear their own face mask. Does your regular companion show symptoms of Covid-19 or did they stay in a region that was coloured red by the FPS Foreign Affairs? If so, they cannot accompany you to the hospital, given the risk of infection.


What steps should I take when I arrive at the hospital? 

The hospital uses separate (patient) flows to ensure the safety of our patients and employees at all times. Follow our four-step plan upon your arrival at the entrance hall:


  • You will be asked to disinfect your hands immediately upon your arrival at the entrance hall. If you are wearing gloves, remove these first. 
  • You will receive a surgical face mask upon arrival if you are not already wearing one. Wear the face mask according to the instructions (see below). 
  • Depending on your examination, procedure or consultation, you will need to register at the self-registration kiosk or directly at the relevant department, for example Radiology.
  • If you have to register at the self-registration kiosk, you will need to disinfect your hands again afterwards. This is necessary because you will have touched the kiosk screen. 


Always keep a safe distance of at least 1.5 metres during the four-step plan and your further visit. This will ensure your own safety and that of others. 


Monitor your consultation with the mynexuzhealth app 

You can always view your appointments in the mynexuzhealth app, which can be downloaded on your mobile from Google Play or the App Store. To use the app, you need to register your device once. You can do this on your computer.


  • Go to and log in via CSAM. 
  • Go to your profile and then to the App tab.
  • Go to Register your device and follow the steps.
  • In step 3, enter the registration code.
  • Go to step 4 to generate a QR code. 
  • Scan the QR code.



How do I put my face mask on correctly (i.e. safely)?