Treatment of autoinflammatory diseases

In FMF the first choice of treatment is colchicine. This is a safe drug that is very efficient in the prevention of inflammatory attacks.


Most of the other autoinflammatory syndromes were, until recently, very difficult to treat. However, in the recent years new medications have been discovered that are very effective in the treatment of autoinflammatory diseases. These drugs inhibit an important inflammation molecule: interleukin-1.


However, in contrast to the other European countries and despite European treatment guidelines, these medications are not reimbursed in Belgium today. The BNAID states that the scientific evidence for the use of anti-IL1 drugs is very robust. These medication greatly improve the quality of life and prevents mortality and should be made available to all patients that are in need.


The BNAID is in dialogue with federal government to  search for a solution.