Welcome at the Ageing Male Clinic

home001The increasingly ageing population has resulted in the reversal of the population pyramid. Our affluent society is characterised by an increasing number of active older people, which causes very complex economic, technological, organisational and social challenges.


The growing population group of over-50s is also looking for more quality of life. However, from the age of 40 to 50 it is possible that men are experience several conditions at the same time. It is therefore very important to create a comprehensive profile with risk factors based on the prognosis and wellbeing of the ageing man. This can be achieved through an interdisciplinary approach: the interaction between first-line medicine and the urologist and the cooperation of a number of consultants (cardiovascular revalidation, sexology, endocrinology, etc.).


The "Ageing Male Clinic" is organized in a concept of healthy aging, which is part of a European project *. Indeed, the European Union makes a priority of research on aging and essentially promotes a balanced global approach to the problems of the aging population in a multidisciplinary approach.


*Fifth framework programme for research and technological development in the quality of life programme; Key action 6, The ageing population and their disabilities.